Daniel Brandfast

Daniel Brandfast

Coach / Owner

Squat: 390  

Clean & Jerk 285  

Best Deadlift: 466

Fran 3:20  

Best Murph: 52:07


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

CrossFit Endurance Certification

CrossFit Mobility Certification

About Coach

I started as an athlete at a CrossFit Gym in Atlanta, 5 years later my passion and family had me move to Mount Juliet. I was missing my gym. The people, the comradery, the family. So I set out to create that same atmosphere in Mount Juliet. So in 2015, I opened CrossFit BNA. My passion for athletics stemmed from playing basketball, soccer, and running track in high school. I also enjoyed the comradery that I loved from being in the Air Force. Now, I get both aspects at 1 location with 1 family.

Turning Point

The turning point for me was January 4th, 2012. I was working as an Air Traffic Controller in Atlanta and was not only a former smoker, but I was also not living a healthy lifestyle at all. I was overweight, slow, plagued with constantly trying then quit different workout routines and facilities. I knew I had to make a DRASTIC change. I said, no matter the cost, I have to commit to myself. I finally got the nerve to say that if I am going to take my life and fitness seriously, I need to get a serious program. So, I joined CrossFit RX in Atlanta after touring 5 total CrossFit Gyms. I had heard CrossFit was NO JOKE and it wasn't! But....it was also doable for me from day 1. I couldn't run, couldn't perform the lifts, and despite seeing all the things I couldn't do, I was able to scale and modify those things into things I could do and from there, I simply focused on improving each day, little by little. Now, I have been in CrossFit for over 10 years and can say I am still in love with it.

Motivation & Passion

First and foremost, the people. Without them, I would have stopped long ago. The second, the challenge. If it were easy, EVERYONE would do it. "Easy" is another way of saying how little you care about yourself. Finally, I always wanted to have a business of my own. Something that I can say I built. There were some who tried to stop me and did everything to destroy what I had worked so hard for. They failed. Despite those that tried everything to make it come to a halt, I am still here. That is my drive, and I love it.

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